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Value Demonstration in Healthcare Simulation: Linking Training to Performance
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Lisa T. Barker, Director of Education Division, Jump Trading Simulation and Education Center (Jump)

Simulation in Healthcare Since the unveiling of the first human patient simulator (“Sim One”) in 1967, the technologies engaged under the umbrella of healthcare simulation have advanced dramatically. 40 years later, there are a...

Integrating Technology into the Patient Centered Care Model
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Needham Ward, MD, MultiCare Health System

Pulse Heart Institute is the destination center for cardiac and vascular health in the Pacific Northwest, located in Pierce County, Washington. Launched in May 2016 as a collaboration between MultiCare Health System (cardiothoracic and vascular...

Telemedicine: A Propeller of Value Based Care
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Cletis Earle, CIO, Kaleida Health

Telemedicine helps diagnose and treat patients remotely has indeed become a key proponent in helping healthcare move from fee for service to value-based service. As it opens the possibility of extending affordable and swift clinical care, to...

Next Generation Visualization and pharma
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Mark Hoffman, Chief Research Information Officer, Children’s Mercy Hospital

If you have been a gamer in your life or have seen somebody moving their head in awe with their cell phone attached to goggles, you’ve probably already been exposed to the next generation of data visualization technologies. Virtual reality...

Configuration Management Technology and its Use in Information Technology Management Operations
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Kelly Summers, CHCIO, SVP & CIO, Maricopa Integrated Health System

In previous articles I have promoted the application of the ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library) framework as a cornerstone to a well-run IT organization. The current minimum certification for ITIL is referred to as ITIL v3...

FDA's Digital Transformation
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Todd Simpson, CIO, U.S. Food and Drug Administration

The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for protecting the public health by ensuring the safety, efficacy, and security of human and veterinary drugs, biological products, and medical devices and by ensuring the safety of our...

The Realities of Cybersecurity
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Doug Mullarkey, CIO, First Choice Loan Services Inc.

Cybersecurity, one of the biggest buzzwords and global technology challenges, can be defined as “the protection of information systems from theft or damage to the hardware, the software, and to the information on them, as well as from...

Achieving Information Security in Healthcare
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Dan Costantino, CISO, Penn Medicine

Owing to the growing concerns of patient data security, it’s indispensable for the healthcare experts to reassess their information security programs. It is critical to scrutinize whether you have implemented fundamental security...

Improving Visibility through Integrated Information
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Wes Williams, VP & CIO, Mental Health Center of Denver

Healthcare has made huge changes in how content is managed in the 12 years since I left clinical practice to focus on health IT. As a clinical psychologist, all my intake assessments, progress notes, and treatment plans were hand-written. I moved...

The Application of Disciplined IT Processes and Methodologies within Healthcare
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Kelly Summers, SVP & CIO, Maricopa Integrated Health System

In previous industry articles I have authored, I consistently begin with a brief description of my experience. In this article, I do the same with the sincerest objective that the techniques, processes, and methodologies I’ve applied...

An Outsider's View of the Healthcare Technology Experience
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Rob Rice, VP Infrastructure & IT Operations, St. Joseph Health

I’m a career technologist, but I didn’t grow up in Healthcare IT. In my pre-healthcare career, the impact of a mistake could mean disruption to the enterprise operations, a delay in time to market, or it could materially affect our...

Doing Things in a Whole New Way
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Shane Miller, CIO, HSHS Division-Eastern Wisconsin

The Role of a CIO Today I don’t feel the role of a CIO has changed a lot on the surface in comparison to the last 5 (or so) years. Yes, the specific items we talk about in the technology field have evolved, and there are things we may...

Consumer APIs And The Impact On Healthcare Technology
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Dr. David McCallie Jr., SVP, Medical Informatics at Cerner Corporation

Consumers have greater expectations for personalization when seeking care than ever before. It’s up to the health IT industry to catch up with these demands and deliver access to patient health information anytime, anywhere. The phrase,...

Leveraging Cold Cloud Storage for Unstructured Data Archives
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Chris Magyar, CIO, Seven10 Storage Software

Organizations are accumulating large and ever-growing repositories of unstructured data. Business and regulatory requirements mandate that such data remain accessible and protected from damage, loss or change (compliance). Storage replication and...

Zoeticx and WellTrackONE TeamUp to Lead Advancement in the Healthcare Industry
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SAN JOSE, CA: Zoeticx and WellTrackONE join hands to integrate Zoeticx’s Patient-Clarity platform software and WellTrackONE’s Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) patient reports and associated medical data to any EHR, Health Information...

10 Things That are a Must for Every CIO
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Ron Horn, CIO, Trillium Health Resources

For over thirty years I have been in the Information Technology discipline and have had the opportunity to travel the world doing something I thoroughly enjoy. Throughout my travels and my positions within a number of industries I have purposely...

Digital business Transforms Organization's Application Development Approach
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FREMONT, CA: “IT isn’t just a part of the business – it is the business” says Brian Prentice, Research VP, Gartner in an interview. He shines light on the evolution of the digital business and its repercussions on the app...

Leveraging Big Data in Healthcare
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Nancy Beale, VP-Clinical Systems and Integration, NYU Langone Medical Center

In recent years, healthcare organizations across the country have raced to the finish line to achieve “Meaningful Use” of the Electronic Health Record (EHR). Stimulated by the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical...

iPatientCare Extends Support to CMS' 2015 Chronic Care Management CPT Coding
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WOODBRIDGE, NJ: iPatientCare, medical informatics firm, announces its enhanced feature for supporting 2015 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule that includes a CPT Code for Chronic Care Management. CMS developed this specific CPT Code to respond to...

Allscripts: Smarter Care, Delivered with Greater Precision
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Paul Black, CEO

Allscripts is a global leader in healthcare technology solutions that advance clinical, financial and operational results
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