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Applications of Big Data and Predictive Modeling
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Somesh Nigam, Ph.D., SVP and Chief Data Officer, Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana

We in healthcare are uniquely positioned to be catalysts for change in the digital world. As we mobilize analytics and better understand the healthcare delivery system and patients’ needs, we’re improving the health and lives of...

Unstructured Data in Healthcare
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Hon S. Pak, MD MBA, Chief Medical Officer, 3M HIS

Nearly 80 percent of clinical information in electronic health records (EHRs) is “unstructured” and in a format that health information technology systems cannot use. As a result, unstructured information is either ignored or when...

Analytics Process Improvement
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Mark Ziemianski, VP-Business Analytics, Children’s HealthSM

With the proliferation of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) and Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) systems across the healthcare industry over the last decade, healthcare institutions now have more data (and data mining tools) at their fingertips...

AI Significantly Scripting the Future of Healthcare
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Over a decade, there is a rise in artificial intelligence (AI) technologies in the healthcare realm. The development of AI applications in the delivery of care will however not dislodge the human relationships lays its grounds to enhance the...

How Pharma CIOs Can Use Big Data Techniques to Improve Drug Safety
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Christy Wilson, Senior Director, Pharma & Biotech Segment, Elsevier R&D Solutions

For pharmaceutical companies, the safety of their products is of paramount concern. Safeguarding the wellbeing of patients and mitigating the risk of punitive fines from regulatory agencies, such as the FDA in the US and EMA in Europe, are...

Mount Sinai: Revolutionizing Healthcare Industry
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Kumar Chatani, EVP & CIO, The Mount Sinai Hospital

The Mount Sinai Health Sys­tem has become a leader in shifting to a value-based health care model from a fee-for-service model. It is one of the largest not-for-profit health systems in the country, consisting of seven hospital campuses and...

Data Exchange for Meaningful Usability
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Ferdinand Feola, VP & CIO, Pocono Medical Center

Interoperability in healthcare is defined as the ability for multiple systems or technologies to be able to communicate with one another and share data. The data exchange must lead to true usability that is meaningful. While a push for national...

Dialing Down-How Small Data Leads to Big Processes
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Marc Perlman, Global VP Healthcare and Life Sciences, Oracle Healthcare

Business is buzzing about Big Data, and the healthcare industry is no different. While there is no doubt that Big Data, and what hospitals and healthcare providers can do with it, stands to transform healthcare delivery and outcomes— it is...

IT and the Changing Healthcare Front
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Doris Peek, CIO, Broward Health

The past few years have seen many changes in the healthcare industry, including new business models such as the Accountable Care Organization (ACO). The fundamental aim of an ACO is to create a coordinated care process across the patient...

Potentia Analytics: Fostering AI-Driven Workforce and Workflow Optimization
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Dr. Shahram Rahimi, Co-Founder & CTO

A data analytics and healthcare IT company focused on improving efficiency and profitability through workforce and workflow optimization for clients

Stratasan: Providing Immediate Access to Healthcare Intelligence
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Jason Moore, Founder and CEO

Providing advanced analytics to hospitals, surgery centers, pharmaceuticals, health plans, physician offices, and communities

MedEvolve: The Evolution of Practice Management Technology
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Matt Rolfes, President and CEO

Provider of practice management, revenue cycle management and analytics software and services to healthcare organizations

MCC: Quality Services to Boost ROI
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Mark S. Rivera, MPH, CHTS-IM, President

A healthcare consulting and advanced analytics firm providing technical assistance to payers and providers of managed care programs

MedeAnalytics: Analytics-based Compliance Management
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Andrew Hurd, CEO

Providers of evidence-based insight to enable organizations enhance financial, operational and clinical outcome

Nuance Communications, Inc. [NASDAQGS:NUAN]: Access, Share, and Interpret Medical Images Anytime
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Peter Durlach, SVP Healthcare Marketing & Product Strategy , Healthcare

A pioneer in providing speech and imaging applications for various verticals

ZirMed: Actionable Insights for Quality Care Delivery
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Tom Butts, Chairman & CEO

Providing analytics platform that offers actionable insight into operational and financial performance at healthcare organizations

MedeAnalytics: Enterprise-Level Analytics Platform Experts
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Andrew Hurd, CEO

Delivers performance management solutions across the healthcare system to improve financial, operational and clinical outcome

Greenway Health: Tailor-Made Comprehensive Networking Solutions Expert
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Tee Green, CEO

Provider of smarter clinical, financial and administrative solutions....
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