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Jason Garland to Join Integer as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer
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PLANO, TEXAS: Integer Holdings Corporation (NYSE: ITGR), a leading medical device outsource (MDO) manufacturer, today announced that Jason Garland is joining the Company as Executive Vice President and Chief Financial Officer, effective October 2,...

Medical Device Security and Governance
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Asadullah Khan, Clinical Engineering Director, Aramark Healthcare

Cybersecurity is an emerging field in healthcare technology management and it is also one of the top most concern for healthcare organizations. In the last decade, healthcare technology has transformed from mostly discrete medical devices to...

Managing Cyber Risk in the Information Age
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Vikrant Arora, AVP/CISO, IT, HSS

Imagine being responsible for physical security of a mansion. You turn on the TV and there is flashing news regarding flooding across the region. Feeling a little nervous, you start calling sandbag and flood insurance companies. While going...

Genetics of Hospital Technology
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Edward Neville Maltass, CIO, El Centro Regional Medical Center

As we all know and remember, not only has the healthcare sector changed immensely, but over the past 30 years the world has gone from being non-technical to everything we touch is now technically connected, or based on technology. I can...

Simulating the Future of Making Things
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Greg Fallon, VP of Simulation Products, Autodesk

Today, the way products are designed and manufactured is rapidly changing, driven by the introduction of new technologies and increased product performance requirements. Companies are looking for ways to respond to the demand for lighter weight...

The Application of Disciplined IT Processes and Methodologies within Healthcare
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Kelly Summers, SVP & CIO, Maricopa Integrated Health System

In previous industry articles I have authored, I consistently begin with a brief description of my experience. In this article, I do the same with the sincerest objective that the techniques, processes, and methodologies I’ve applied...

Healthcare Analytics: Roadmap for Success
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Vijay Venkatesan, Chief Data Officer, Providence Health & Services

Healthcare is going through unprecedented changes—both from a delivery system operations and disruptive technology perspective. The most notable trend is the emergence of digital health startups that are disrupting the marketplace. Many of...

First, Do No Harm: How Intelligent Communication Technology and Alarm Management Can Improve Patient Safety
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Benjamin Kanter, MD, FCCP & CMIO, Vocera Communications, Inc.

Hospitals have a long history of being a testbed for innovative communication technologies. Whether it was for the adoption of the first modern paging system in the 1950s or the more recent adoption of hands-free badge communicators and secure...

IoT: The Guardian Angel
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Perry Horner, CIO, Adelante Healthcare

I have always considered myself generally in good health and never experienced any chronic conditions or had serious acute medical issues—until early 2014. My heart started beating extremely fast one minute, then slow the next. Since this...

Aerospace Software Simulates Blood Flow in Dialysis
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FREMONT, CA: Medicine has a new found friend and it is rocket science in its literal form. Software designed for the aerospace industry can now facilitate improvements in dialysis technology.  Patients with kidney failure depend on...

Vee Technologies: Customizable RCM Systems for the Heath-care
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CV. Chockalingam, CEO & MD

A global strategic services company, providing specialized RCM solutions in Healthcare domain

GNS Healthcare: Delivering Personalized Healthcare using Big Data Analytics
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Colin Hill, CEO, Chairman & Co-Founder

A big data analytics company that empowers payers, providers and pharmaceutical companies to make intelligent data-driven decisions.

CitiusTech: Solutions to Enhance Tech Adoption in Healthcare
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Rizwan Koita, CEO

A leading healthcare technology services and solutions provider.
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