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DevOps injects strings of innovations in the healthcare
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Healthcare providers are facing delays in implementing big data projects because of continuous recommendation requests exchanged between the development teams and the operations unit. The approach of DevOps may significantly bring down the delay...

Is VDI the Next Trend for Healthcare Industry?
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In Healthcare, control and compliance have become more vital as the industry has moved rapidly from paper-based to electronic records leading to a rising need of remotely accessing health records. Virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) is one such...

Three Us: The Key to Successful Health Information Exchange
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Larry Garber, MD, Medical Director for Informatics, Reliant Medical Group

Health information exchange (HIE), the electronic transfer of clinical patient information between healthcare organizations, has been a struggle ever since electronic health record (EHR) systems came into use decades ago. More and more instances...

Digitization of Healthcare
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Mony Weschler, CIO, InnovaCare Health

Healthcare organizations worldwide are facing increasing pressure to modernize their systems alongside the evolving technologies. The advancements in healthcare technology have shaped the way we communicate, store data, and conduct business....

Keeping Loved Ones Safe and Secure and Caregivers Sane
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John Schall, CEO, Caregiver Action Network

Caregiving is as old as family. Families have always been taking care of each other. That will never change. But what has changed is the way family caregivers care for their loved ones. What separates today’s family caregivers from those...

Tech and the Healthcare Supply Chain
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Jeff Thompson, CEO Emeritus, Pediatrician, Gundersen Health System

It’s no surprise that technology advances continue to help us reduce costs and meet customer demand in every industry that has a supply chain. Healthcare is no different and those reading for sure have more technical supply chain insight...

How big data analytics can stimulates the healthcare industry
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Big data analytics is advancing the future of the healthcare industry with its power to handle huge amount of data. Healthcare is dealing with an uncountable amount of data, and with the digitization of technologies the amount of information is...

Impact of AI and big data in healthcare
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Artificial Intelligence and big data are already being used in the healthcare sector. Cognitive computer systems, radiological diagnostics, surgical robots, and other robotic based systems are fields of application of big data and AI. Healthcare...

Accurate Patient Matching with Biometrics
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In the future, while patients enter the hospital, the healthcare system will easily recognize and list the health information before they utter any information about them. The physicians would be able to get the information within a fraction of...

How AI and Big Data are Accelerating the Healthcare Industry
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One of the biggest beneficiaries of modern technology is the field of healthcare and with the emergence of AI and Big data in this sector; one can witness the ever-growing potentials of these technologies. They have a lot to offer in this field...

Biometrics to the Rescue of Healthcare Industry
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Biometrics is a powerful authentication mechanism improving the passwords and tokens approaches that have not been able to provide complete security. Biometrics in the healthcare industry refers to staff authentication and patient identification...

Blockchain Enabled EHR: The Future trend in Healthcare System
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Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR) is a digital database of a patient’s health data. This digital database can be accessed by doctors and surgeons to know about a patient’s health history giving them a greater insight into the...

Preventing Healthcare Fraud with AI and Machine Learning
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Healthcare fraud is rapidly increasing in today’s world. Fraud acts as a plague on the healthcare system that drains the system financially and endangering the security and health of the consumers. Healthcare fraud is expensive and...

Trends and Opportunities: The Future of Medical Imaging with AI
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Medical imaging is one of the fastest- growing areas of discovery. It offers an opportunity to radiologists, pathologists, ophthalmologists, and practitioners in other imaging processes to augment their workflow with new algorithms. AI is...

Embracing the evolution of real-time data analytics in healthcare
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Real-time analytics, also known as dynamic analysis is the use of, or the capacity to use data and related sources as soon as the data becomes available. It allows business to react without delay and prevent problems before they come in. Users can...

The Advantages of Implementing Artificial Intelligence in the Healthcare industry
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Artificial intelligence has established a strong foothold in the healthcare industry in recent years. According to an IDC prediction, the annual expenditure of the healthcare industry on the AI technologies will increase at a compound annual...

Steps to Gain Maximum Benefits of AI in Healthcare
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Artificial intelligence is gaining momentum in the technology industry in recent years. Many other industries like banking, supply chain, manufacturing are also reaping the benefits of AI. Traditionally healthcare industry is slow to respond to...

Combating Data Security in the Healthcare Industry
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The advent of advanced technologies has hugely impacted the healthcare industry. The healthcare providers have put the technology to good effects in order to provide an efficient healthcare solution to their patients. Many software and mobile apps...

Simulation: Beyond the Bedside
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Nancy A. Bardugon, Executive Development Program Manager, Intermountain Healthcare

In our technologically driven world, we place a high importance on the innovations and advancements we use to clinically treat the patients we serve. However, for practitioners to successfully keep up with the pace of innovation, as well as the...

Using Simulation to Improve Patient Safety and Quality of Care How the Nemours Institute for Clinical Excellence is Taking Simulation Further
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Maria Carmen G. Diaz, MD, FAAP, FACEP, Medical Director of Simulation, Nemours Institute for Clinical Excellence, North

For an article in a technical magazine, it may be surprising to learn that we consider the actual technology involved in healthcare simulation as one piece of a larger puzzle. Ultimately, Nemours is using simulation to improve quality of care and...
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