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Technology Plays a Major Role in Providing Efficient Home Healthcare Services
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The healthcare industry is observing a significant shift in the process of caregiving. The emphasis is more on the value-based-care rather than the traditional fee-for-service model. This shift has forced the healthcare industry to rely more on...

Trends and Benefits of Healthcare Mobile Apps
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The healthcare industry has benefited enormously from modern technology like real-time platforms and healthcare mobile apps. This has improved the connection between patients and their medical health providers. A personal connection is delivered...

Improving Healthcare Cybersecurity
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As healthcare systems continuously adapt to newer technology in the attempt to provide better care to patients, cybersecurity becomes a rising concern. While data breaches in the healthcare sector are not covered as extensively as those in the...

Consumerism is Igniting New Care Delivery Approaches
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Kristin Darby, CIO, Cancer Treatment Centers of America

Telemedicine is a rapidly growing method of care delivery. Consumers now have an option to access a provider at their convenience virtually for many common healthcare conditions. As the healthcare industry shifts to value-based care,...

Necessity of HIPPA-Compliance for storing Healthcare Data
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In an era where healthcare operators are fast falling behind if they aren’t on the internet, taking shortcuts for protected health information (PHI) becomes commonplace. While standard web hosting servers are capable of storing and serving...

IOT and Big Data to Transform Pharma and Life Science Industry
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Mark Dickson, IT Director, Cochlear Americas

The internet of things (IOT) and cloud computing, specifically when there is a medical device involved, allows for the convergence of products and services, which benefits everyone in the ecosystem from patient, health care professional (HCP),...

How Health Care's Digital Revolution Could Reach its Full Potential
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David Blumenthal, President, The Commonwealth Fund

A quiet revolution has swept through our health care system, almost eliminating a paper-based record system in favor of a digital one. Today, almost 100 percent of hospitals and 80 percent of physicians use certified electronic health records...

Leveraging Digital Health to Deliver Better Patient Outcomes
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Miguel Louzan, VP-IT, UCB, Inc.

The signs of the digital health explosion are all around us. It seems that every day we hear about a new concept being tried, a new mobile application or social media tool targeting patients, doctors and various other stakeholders. For smartphone...

Cybersecurity Risks, Regulations, and Frameworks
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Doug Cretsinger, SVP & CIO, GuideOne Insurance

Across the country, board members at different organizations are raising concerns about cybersecurity risks they face. Regulators are outlining new requirements to address these emerging risks. New frameworks are being used to ensure a...

Mobile Device Management And Healthcare Information
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Jim Sheldon-Dean, Principal & Director of Compliance Services, Lewis Creek Systems, LLC

Healthcare providers and healthcare-related businesses are subject to all the same pressures to adopt new technologies for information management that any modern business is, including portable devices such as smart phones and tablets. Using...

Operational and IT Security Coordination in Healthcare
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Bryan Warren, Director of Corporate Security, Carolinas HealthCare System

While hospitals do not typically present a primary target for terrorism or criminal action (although in certain specific circumstances they do have that distinction) all healthcare facilities, regardless of their size and scope, have several areas...

Exploring the Telemedicine Landscape
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David Danhauer, System VP/CMIO, Owensboro Health

Patients battling ailments of all kind, require access to quality healthcare. This is even more important in the case of high-risk diseases like Congestive Heart Failure (CHF) or chronic behavioral health issues, wherein failure to administer care...

3D Printing for Life: Expanding Your Solution into the Healthcare Industry
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Hui Jenny Chen, M.D., a Neuro Radiologist at Stanford Healthcare and founder of 3DHEALS

Consider this: 400+ life-sized pediatric congenital heart disease models have been used to help save lives by improving pre-surgical planning and also potentially reduce the operative time for patients. These models were created using 3D printing...

Adjusting to a Whole New Real-IT
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Deborah Norton, CIO & SVP of Operations, Harvard Pilgrim Health Care

The health insurance industry today faces rising treatment costs, increasing consumer demands, and a highly competitive marketplace. Further, new regulatory and compliance requirements stemming from the Affordable Care Act (ACA) create a need for...

Disrupting Healthcare with IT
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Dan Sheehan, SVP & CIO, DentaQuest

One business segment in the healthcare industry revolutionized by technology is customer service. Technology is empowering our clients and customers while also allowing us to innovate and build functionality that we can extend to them. It is...

Overcoming the Timeless Risk of Human Behavior
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Geoff Brown, CIO, Piedmont Healthcare

As recently as twelve years ago, security in healthcare was a far cry from what we know today. For many Chief Information Officers, security strategy wasn't a top-of-mind conversation and drilling down to specifics was rare. It certainly...

The Healthcare Impacts of Recent Technology Trends
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Phyllis Teater, AVP & CIO, The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center

The explosion of technology trends has impacted all industries to a startling degree. In particular, the trends related to Mobility, Big Data, Cloud Solutions, and Networking seem to be ones that have the potential to change the way companies and...

The Gap in Managed Care Technology
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Jose M Sanchez, CIO, Miami Beach Medical Group

The emergence of every new healthcare reimbursement model usually comes with the creation of a newer technology that meets or surpasses its needs. There are groups of sharp, new vendors eager to sell the latest in software and its accompanying...

OneNeck Clears HIPPAA and HITECH Exam
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FREMONT, CA: OneNeck IT solutions has cleared the examination of HIPAA and HITECH performed by the BrightLine CPAs & Associates. According to Clint Harder, the CTO and Senior Vice President of Cloud and Managed Services at OneNeck, the...

Health Payers to Focus on Omni-Channel Strategies, Private HIX Solutions: IDC Health Insights for 2015
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FRAMINGHAM, MA: International Data Corporation (IDC) Health Insight, provider of research and consulting services for health businesses and IT, has concluded in its report for ‘Top 10 Predictions’ that in 2015, the health payers will...
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