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Navigating the Complex Outsourced R&D Landscape
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Leandro Grimaldi, Director & Digital Health Advisor - GIVE mHealth, Harvard University

Contract manufacturing of pharmaceuticals is growing rapidly and has recently seen an uptick in merger and acquisition activity, such as Thermo Fisher’s bid to acquire Patheon. Despite the consolidation, outsourced pharmaceutical...

Dentistry in the Digital Age
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R. Timothy Verceles, DDS MAGD AEGD Program Director Advanced Education in General Dentistry, Highland Hospital-Alameda Health System

I graduated from dental school more than 25 years ago and continue to be impressed with the unimaginable breakthroughs in dental technology during this time. I am very excited to embrace the new technologies that allow me to perform dental...

3D Printing to Revolutionize the Chemical Supply Chain
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Rachel Gordon, Technology Analyst, IDTechEx

The massive growth in the use and applications of 3D Printers is driving growth in the market for 3D Printing materials. 3D Printing is changing the way we manufacture, disrupting the whole chemical supply chain. New ways of formulating and...

The Application of Disciplined IT Processes and Methodologies within Healthcare
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Kelly Summers, SVP & CIO, Maricopa Integrated Health System

In previous industry articles I have authored, I consistently begin with a brief description of my experience. In this article, I do the same with the sincerest objective that the techniques, processes, and methodologies I’ve applied...

Enables Immense Productivity Improvements And Enhance Decision-Making Capabilities
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Nancy S. Wolk, CIO, Alcoa - Global Business Services

Technology Trends Impacting Enterprise Business Environment One of the major shifts we are seeing at Alcoa is the increased ability to correlate massive amounts of data from our manufacturing processes with our business information systems,...
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