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Surgicure Technologies: Facilitating Rapid, Safe, and Effective Intubation

Top 10 Operating Room Management Solution Companies - 2020

On a daily basis, hundreds of patients undergo surgeries that demand precision, updated tools, and rigorous safety procedures. To augment the accuracy of surgeries, healthcare professionals are now harnessing advanced next-generation technology-based devices and processes. One such example involves robot-assisted surgeries—a form of minimally-invasive surgeries that allow better access to hard-to-reach body organs and effectively improve accuracy and precision. Robot-assisted surgeries eliminate the traditional fulcrum effect, reducing patient risk by magnifying images of critical body parts and shortening post-operative stays in hospitals.

Also, the increasing adoption of single-incision laparoscopic surgery and natural orifice transluminal endoscopic surgery techniques, coupled with the highly advanced image-guided vascular access technologies, are revamping the traditional laparoscopic procedures. AI-based devices are also extensively being used to minimize surgical errors and speed up operating room procedures. AI-based algorithms, additionally, are helping healthcare workers to analyze the overwhelming volumes of data that are being generated so that it can rectify the anomalies.

Besides, considering the immense potential of genomic testing, healthcare professionals are heavily using the same to detect genetic diseases, and conduct blood tests for cancer, among others. 3D bio-printing of organs and tissues, on the other hand, is becoming a preferred choice among surgeons as it has the power to diminish the complexities associated with complex organ transplants. Eliminating the likelihood of organ rejection, 3D bio-printing eradicates the need for life-long immunosuppressive drugs. It also aids in developing personalized medicines and abolishes the necessity of animal and human participants in drug trials.

In order to assist healthcare organizations in the task of finding accomplished operating room management solution providers, we have compiled this issue of Healthcare Tech Outlook. In this edition, we have listed the top 10 operating room management solution providers to highlight the companies that can increase your chances of growth. This edition also blends through thought leadership from subject matter experts, CIOs, and CXOs, with real-life stories on how the solution providers have enhanced their clients’ capabilities. We hope this issue of Healthcare Tech Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your organization need to foster a workspace driven by robust and efficient technology.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s, “Top 10 Operating Room Management Solution Providers – 2020.”

    Top Operating Room Management Solution Companies

  • Surgicure offers a unique all-purpose disposable device for intubation. Surgicure Technologies, a female-owned biotechnology start-up headquartered in Massachusetts, has introduced an elegant intubation solution with the potential to redefine standard of care, namely, the Resting Block (RB), a disposable device that addresses complications associated with traditional intubation management methods. As a part of its go-to-market strategy, the company also plans to manufacture devices for clinical trials and distribution to local hospitals. For future iterations of the device, Surgicure is looking to 3D print custom-made devices specifically suited for patients without molars or even for the ones suffering from facial deformities.

  • Arthrex


    Arthrex is a global medical device company and leader in new product development and medical education in orthopedics. With a corporate mission of Helping Surgeons Treat Their Patients Better™, Arthrex has pioneered the field of arthroscopy and developed more than 2,000 innovative products and surgical procedures each year to advance minimally invasive orthopedics worldwide

  • Brainlab


    Brainlab, headquartered in Munich, develops, manufactures and markets software-driven medical technology, enabling access to advanced, less invasive patient treatments. Core products center on information-guided surgery, radiosurgery, precision radiation therapy, digital operating room integration, and information and knowledge exchange. Brainlab technology powers treatments in radiosurgery and radiotherapy as well as numerous surgical fields including neurosurgery, orthopedic, ENT, CMF, spine and trauma

  • Caresyntax


    caresyntax supports providers, medtech vendors, and insurers with actionable surgical insights, through a combination of AI, automation, and analytics technologies. caresyntax is working to make mission-critical health care settings such as surgery, interventional radiology and obstetrics smarter and safer. The company’s proprietary solutions leverage IoT, analytics and AI technologies to automate clinical and operational decision support for surgical teams, and support all outcome contributors in the delivery and management of risk-bearing contracts

  • GE Healthcare

    GE Healthcare

    GE Healthcare is a leading global medical technology and digital solutions innovator that enables clinicians to make faster, more informed decisions through intelligent devices, data analytics, applications and services, supported by its Edison intelligence platform. With over 100 years of healthcare industry experience and around 50,000 employees globally, the company operates at the center of an ecosystem working toward precision health, digitizing healthcare, helping drive productivity and improve outcomes for patients, providers, health systems and researchers around the world. We embrace a culture of respect, transparency, integrity and diversity

  • Medtel


    Medtel connects and enables surgical offices and care teams to be proactive. Our solution ensures challenges are addressed as early as possible, resulting in better outcomes and reduced costs. Depending on surgical volumes and case mix, Medtel can help drive between $3M – $50M per year to an organization's bottom-line. Medtel is committed to delivering innovative solutions that improve surgical care delivery and enrich the patient and provider experience



    STERIS is a leading provider of infection prevention and other procedural products and services. STERIS offers Customers a unique mix of innovative capital equipment products, such as sterilizers and washers, surgical tables, lights and equipment management systems and connectivity solutions such as operating room integration; consumable products such as detergents and gastrointestinal endoscopy accessories and other products; services, including equipment installation and maintenance, microbial reduction of medical devices, instrument and scope repair solutions, laboratory services and off-site reprocessing

  • Surgical Information Systems

    Surgical Information Systems

    Surgical Information Systems provides surgical care providers with the solutions and services they need to deliver improved operational, financial, and clinical outcomes. Focused exclusively on perioperative IT, SIS serves over 2900 facilities across the United States and Canada. The SIS product suite is built specifically for the perioperative environment and includes hospital and ASC-focused solutions covering perioperative Electronic Medical Records (EMRs), Anesthesia Information Management Systems (AIMS), ASC business management, and business intelligence and analytics solutions. SIS’ AmkaiCharts™ solution, is the No. 1 ranked outpatient EMR[1]. Services, including revenue cycle management and ASC advisory services, complement SIS’ software solutions

  • Surgio Health

    Surgio Health

    A managed software solution that applies modern technologies to govern and measure Sterile Processing Services best practices. Surgio™ is a management hub unique to the healthcare space that brings every influencer, from manufacturer to the operating room, into alignment under one simple, easy-to-use platform. Raise the standards of protection for your hospital and the patients you serve and transform your SPS from a necessary cost center to a department that positively impacts the healthcare value equation

  • Synergy Medical

    Synergy Medical

    SYNERGY medical, inc. deploys a comprehensive portfolio of medical-surgical equipment and supplies. We work closely with all of our customers to develop and deliver solutions that help reduce costs and improve quality so our customers can focus on managing the health care of their patients. Our goal is to help clients procure high-quality products at low costs while driving better outcomes for their patients. We offer open architecture and freedom of choice with a multiple manufacturer portfolio for each item we offer. This gives our clients the ability to select equipment that best suits their unmet need