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Genesis Automation Healthcare: Integrated Healthcare Value-Chain Solutions

Bob Coman, Regional Sales Manager, Genesis Automation HealthcareBob Coman, Regional Sales Manager, Genesis Automation Healthcare
In busy procedural areas like the operating room (OR), clinicians seek an efficient balance between having to properly document the procedure and the more important focus on patient care. Workflow interruptions such as redundant documentation, scanning incorrect barcodes or encountering “barcode not found” errors pose a major threat to patient safety as well as valuable clinical time being lost. Additionally, these challenges often result in lost charges as well as inaccurate cost-per-procedure analyses.

A Florida-based innovative healthcare value-chain solutions provider, Genesis Automation Healthcare, offers clinically integrated technology, which empowers healthcare providers to regain control over their supply chain and improve quality, cost, safety, and traceability of all inventory, owned and consigned. “Genesis’ traceability platform addresses multiple aspects of inventory management and traceability from hospital entry point through every phase of distribution and use within the healthcare setting including ORs,” explains Bob Coman, regional sales manager, Genesis Automation Healthcare. The platform’s “Sweep-Scan” technology allows multiple barcodes to be scanned at a time while the system intelligently parses the collected data, eliminating the need to manually select the correct barcode. Additionally, any new barcodes from manufacturers are automatically updated on the Item Master.

Genesis’ traceability platform resides on a single handheld device... the most powerful, quad-core mobile computer available inclusive of best-in-class, next-generation 2D imaging/scanning. Genesis offers the “broadest enterprise solution” that eliminates the need for multiple standalone applications seeking to automate the receipt, tracking, and tracing of inventory, assets, packages, live tissue, and consignment items; gain visibility into lost, wasted, or expired supplies; trace recalled devices; increase charge capture and collect accurate cost per procedure.

Genesis’ traceability platform addresses multiple aspects of inventory management and traceability

The platform enables traceability across not only the hospital but the entire healthcare enterprise. It follows a modular approach, which allows clients to implement in areas of need first followed by eventual expansion across their enterprise. Genesis traceability platform also features a supplier portal that provides visibility and control over vendor owned consignment, trunk stock, and bill-only inventory. Coman adds, “Genesis helps healthcare providers understand the true cost of providing care, enabling proactive management, planning, and allocation of resources.”

Coman narrates how Driscoll Children’s Hospital in south Texas selected the Genesis platform to increase traceability of medical supplies, with a special focus on tracking and tracing bone and tissue implants. Utilization will result in significant cost reductions, effective device expiry and recall management and increased visibility into procedure costs. Leveraging the Genesis traceability platform, new procedures and processes will be implemented for receipting, rotating stock, and proactively managing inventory. The increased visibility of stock through the platform will help reduce wastage and accurately forecast savings. Further, through improved understanding and management of expiring products, Driscoll can develop better relationships with its suppliers and makes sure that their whole supply chain is safer and optimized.

Having established itself as the leading provider of supplies management, traceability, and analytics solutions for the healthcare industry in the U.K., Genesis is experiencing rapid expansion in the U.S. Genesis Automation Healthcare looks forward to improving patient safety, while optimizing value and cost efficiency for healthcare providers.